"So if I am able to preserve this writing of mine…I would like you to give it the title 'House of Glass.'"

Placement in East Java, Indonesia

I have officially received placement in East Java, Indonesia.  Staging will be on April 4th in San Francisco, and departure will be on April 5th.  More information will follow soon.

to see a map of Java, follow the link below

Refer to the included map for details on East Java and Indonesia.  The map will initially be centered on the island of Java.  Peace Corps headquarters are in Surabaya.


7 responses

  1. Denghongdan

    fu wu yuan!!
    —-From China

    2011 April 5 at 15.32

  2. Karen Boschert

    Dear Jay,
    We are so proud of you! We can not wait to see and hear of your experiences in Indonesia.
    Take care,
    Dan and Karen Boschert

    2011 April 5 at 21.11

  3. Karen Boschert

    Oops… I forgot to check “notify my of follow up comments”

    2011 April 5 at 21.18

  4. Sharla

    Good Luck Jay
    I’ll show Grandma your blog and updates when she is over.

    2011 April 5 at 22.58

  5. Jill Case

    Happy to get your blog information. Looking forward to reading about your adventures. Take care.

    2011 April 7 at 15.43

  6. Brent Bolding

    Very good. Looking forward to reports on molten lava and strong coffee.

    2011 April 11 at 14.08

  7. Sharla

    Happy Easter Jay!

    2011 April 23 at 16.51

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