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A Reflection on Pre-Service Training: Part 2, Daily Schedule

What has my daily schedule been like as a PC trainee?  What is the typical daily schedule like for Indonesians?

Indonesia wakes up early.  I generally get out of bed between 4:30-5:00.  If I’m tired, I’ll sleep in to 6:00.  I’ve been feeling lazy this past week because I haven’t been waking up until 5:30.  Part of the reason that I wake up at 4:30 is because the first call to prayer announces itself quite boldly at 4:30.  This seems like an absurdly early time to broadcast a public address, but some Indonesians are awake long before the call to prayer.  I’ve heard rumors that the Pasar Besar (lit. ‘Big Market’) down the street starts opening up as early as 1:00 am, and I’ve heard from a reliable source that a solid crew of vendors are there by 3:00 am.  The earliest I’ve been there is 6:00, and commerce was in full swing.  Some stalls were nearly completely depleted of their goods.

Despite the early rise, it doesn’t seem Indonesians go to bed particularly early.  My host mother, for example, only sleeps from about midnight to 4:30.  Though I get up at the same time, I’m usually in bed by 9:30 pm.  Throughout training, I haven’t spent too much time at the house during the day, but naps definitely seem to be a big part of the culture.  Given what I’ve told you already, this shouldn’t be surprising.

School generally runs from 7:00 am to 1:00 in the afternoon on Mondays through Saturdays.  The exact schedule will vary based on the school, and the Islamic schools generally end before noon on Friday so that students can go to the mosque for prayer.

During the ten week PST, Peace Corps kept our schedules pretty scheduled.  Language classes ran from 8-12, and after a break for lunch and transportation, other cultural or professional development activities ran until 4:00 or 5:00 pm.


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