"So if I am able to preserve this writing of mine…I would like you to give it the title 'House of Glass.'"


My name is Jay Wellik, and I am currently a Peace Corps Masters International student at Michigan Technological University in Houghton,  MI.  My focuses include volcanology, risk perception, and hazard mitigation.  I am currently serving with Peace Corps in Banyuwangi province, East Java, Indonesia.  Specific projects–related to nearby Raung and Ijen volcanoes–are currently taking form with the help of several colleagues from Indonesia, the Americas, and Europe.  More about my current research can be learned here.

My interest in volcanology began at DePauw University (’10) where I started to explore man’s historical and contemporary attempts to understand, interpret, survive, and control nature.  In geologic history, volcanoes created the atmosphere we live in and the ground we walk upon; but, in modern times, volcanic activity poses a threat due to expanded urbanization and development.  As volcanologists gain a better understanding of enigmatic earth processes, they can collaborate with community planners to create strategies for safer development.